Teaser: Rev.


tom_hollander_rev_officialstillI didn’t know anything about Rev. (2010) when I pushed play on Hulu except that it starred two actors I really like, Olivia Colman and Tom Hollander. It’s a comedy about Rev. Adam Smallbone (Hollander) moving to a new parish–an innercity church with innercity problems. Episode one deals with parents trying to bribe the rev. into getting their kids in his Catholic school, which speaks so true to what I’ve seen in New York, I can’t help but laugh along.

It is not the gag-heavy show that the trailer implies, but the characters are endearing. It is slowly paced, leaving room for heartfelt moments. The rev.’s small parish is made up of quirky characters like Colin (Steve Evets), a devout, homeless man. Miles Jupp adds some charming humor to the dynamics as the over-enthusiastic assisting minister. Really, it’s the relationship between the rev. and his wife Alex (Colman) that will pull the show along, I imagine. Instead of caricatures, Rev. makes reverends and their spouses flawed, human, and even sexy. It is the characters and their personal problems that will bring me back for more.

Teaser posts are reviews based on the first episode.

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