H2G2 Live in Concert

61BGx15jpoL._SL300_There are various forms of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy audio recordings: the audiobooks, the radio dramas, the recordings of the live radio tour, Character Invasionand so on. Live in Concert is a 1996 audio recording of Douglas Adams himself reading in front of a live audience select passages from the later books, including the Pythonesque conversation between Ford and Arthur on prehistoric earth (Ford thought he was a lemon for a while and jumped in and out of a stream that thought it was a gin and tonic), which culminates in chasing a Chesterfield sofa onto a cricket field in modern day England; the well dramatized scene between Arthur and Agrajag in the Cathedral of Hate, which satirizes traveling with luggage and always winding up with somebody else’s bag; and Marvin’s speech to the Frogstar guard, explaining how the others left him with nothing to defend himself as they ran for their lives. This scene uses the help of audio effects to make Adams sound like a robot.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Live in Concert is 1 hr 15 min and is available from Audible. It’s a good reminder that Douglas Adams didn’t just write a silly sci-fi adventure but also something really, really clever. It is, like the audiobooks that are narrated by the author, very useful to hear the characters and jokes spoken by the author to fully grasp the intended meaning.



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