Red Dwarf Trivia Questions


Are you a true Dwarfer? Leave your answers in comments!
Hint: It will help if you’ve read The Man in the Rubber Mask by Robert Llewellyn.
We’ll give the answers on Wednesday.

1. What fictional character–more famous than Kryten–drove the same tank that appears in Beyond a Joke during the Pride and Prejudice Land virtual reality game?


2. What is Red Dwarf‘s relation to the Tate Modern art museum?


3. When was the first time Robert Llewellyn worked with Norman Lovett on Red Dwarf?


4. In Back to Earth, why do you only see the Starbug car from one side?


5. What was the on-set motto of season 5?


6. Which GELF actor celebrated the tenth anniversary of Red Dwarf with a cooking special?


7. Who played baby Lister in Ouroboros?


8. Is the laugh track live?


9. What is Kryten’s accent supposed to be?


10. What was written under one of the beds in the rehearsal room on early Red Dwarf?


We’ll give the answers on Wednesday.


One thought on “Red Dwarf Trivia Questions

  1. 2. Some filming of “Red Dwarf” was done there – before the building became the Tate Modern, of course. (To be fair, I looked that one up)

    4. Only one side was complete. It’s fairly common in movies and TV to only really finish one side of a vehicle, especially if there’s no reason to shoot it from both sides. Makes it easier to fit cameras and sound equipment inside.

    8. No.

    That’s all I got. Didn’t want this to go totally unanswered!

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