Were I to Fringe 2015

I’ve never had the time or money to do Edinburgh in August, but that doesn’t stop me from looking through the year’s Fringe Festival lineup and imagining the shows that I would queue up to see. So I’m going to have a little Youtube-based Fringe festival right here. Enjoy.

Henning Wehn

We’ll start with Henning Wehn because nothing says Scotland like German nationalism. Unmissable.

David O’Doherty

And then Irish keyboard-comic David O’Doherty. If I hadn’t already had the honor of seeing him live in New York this year, I’d say unmissable.

Bridget Christie

who isn’t always in character, but enjoy these antics. Unmissable.

Tony Law

You’ll either love or hate this Canadian comic who doesn’t appear to know what he’s doing half the times. For me, extremely unmissable.

Stewart Lee

Were I to Fringe in 2015, I would beg, borrow, and steal things to get into this show.

Paul Sinha

And one of Stewart Lee’s top recommendations for 2015:

Ed Byrne

Oh God, how amazing would it be to see Irish comedy legend Ed Byrne in person? Unmissable.

Simon Munnery

Another legend. Unmissable.

Matt Forde

Political comedian and known for being the former flatmate of Russell Howard and Jon Richardson, Fordy.

Jason Byrne

Although some of Jason’s routines rub me the wrong way, his one about his wife being pregnant with Steve Irwin has made my list of top 5 best bits ever.

John Lloyd

One of the great British TV/radio writers. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Nick Doody

A recent discovery for me.

Stephen K. Amos

Angela Barnes

Adam Hills

Alun Cochrane

Mark Watson

Michael Legge

Stephen Carlin

Now you just have to spend tonight in a tent in the rain and you’ve pretty much experienced it…right…?


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