Teaser: Nighty Night


Nighty Night (2004) is one of these shows people in the industry get nostalgic over, I think largely because of the people involved.

Rebecca Front with Julia DavisNo matter how hard you try, you will not be able to love Jill in episode one. Played by Julia Davis (Human Remains), who also wrote the series, Jill’s flashy assless suit, hair dressing skills that literally cause suicide, and the instant rejection of her husband as soon as he is diagnosed with cancer make her hard to love, but let’s hope there’s a little humanity in her as the season goes on. Her dying husband (Kevin Eldon) isn’t very sympathetic either, admitting an affair. And then there’s Don (an unrecognizable Angus Deayton–Is it the beard?) who is married to a woman suffering from MS but still manages to get turned on by Jill’s interpretive dance at his wife’s support group. There are some fringe caricatures like Ruth Jones (another renowned writer/actor on the cast list) as an asthmatic goth hair dresser and Mark Gatiss as…just…weird. Really, the only likable person in episode one is Cathy (Rebecca Front), Don’s wife, who must suffer through Jill’s midnight visit as she stalks Cathy’s husband. But seeing the way this show is going, Cathy’s bound to have skeletons in her closet, too.

The writing of episode one is okay. It reminds me of Green Wing in that each scene is a bit like a sketch that ends with a surreal gag, like Jill getting up from her failed date with Mark Gatiss’ character, and we discover her bum’s showing out the back of her pants. It’s definitely not predictable, I can say that. I like the actors and the writers, but I haven’t decided whether I’ll keep watching the show.

Teaser posts are reviews of just the first episode.

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