Schedule: Paterson Joseph in NYC and DC, 2015

Very exciting news. Paterson Joseph is bringing his one-man theatrical show Sancho: An Act of Remembrance to the U.S. this fall/winter! He not only performs the show but wrote it.


October 23-24, he will perform at Terrace Theatre in Washington, DC. Tickets are $49 here.

December 16 through 20, he will perform at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) in the Fishman Space. Tickets are on sale here for $25. If you attend the show on the 17th, you get to attend a “Gathering” afterward with Paterson Joseph and Bryan Doerries. The website says “Doerries and Joseph engage directly with the audience, exploring how outsiders help us see ourselves, and the society in which we live, more clearly.”

Play description:

Set in the height of the British slave trade, this new one-man play by renowned British actor Paterson Joseph (Royal Shakespeare Company, HBO’s The Leftovers) tells the unusual and gripping tale of Charles Ignatius Sancho. Though born on a slave ship, Sancho fights to take his place in British society, eventually becoming a fellow actor and friend of the English stage’s famed David Garrick–as well as the first black person of African origin to vote in Great Britain. Set on the day that Thomas Gainsborough paints his famous 1768 portrait of Sancho, Joseph’s play offers moving, surprising, and often funny insight into the forgotten but true story of a man who dared to act, write, sing, dance, and voice his political opinion with wit and charm.


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