Teaser: Black Mirror

BLACKMIRROR-5stepslist-pigThe first question I asked while watching Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror TV series was, “Is this a comedy?” Surely the opening premise of a modern Prime Minister instructed by terrorists to shag a pig on live television to save the princess must be some kind of dark humor. But no, Black Mirror is a drama series, and that funny premise played out in full shines an unforgiving light onto the soul-corrupted state our society, personally and collectively, has become. It is the different waves of disgust, amusement, glee, and horror that the public opinion holds that is so captivating about this story. As the PM struggles to access whether doing the deed will put him in favor or out of favor with the people, we get a Truman Show-esque look around town at people watching TV, waiting eagerly to hear whether it’s going to happen.

Each episode is a full story with different characters. They are 45-minutes each. There are seven episodes in all. It’s an excellent program, and I’ll definitely be watching more.

Teaser posts are reviews based on just the first episode.

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