News: The Comedian’s Guide to Survival

Next year, James Buckley (the actor from The Inbetweeners, not the U.S. Senator) stars in the brand new British comedy, The Comedian’s Guide to Survival, from Mark Murphy (the award-winning director, not the president of the Green Bay Packers). The film is based on the real life of comedian James Mullinger, who, played by Buckley, in the movie is offered a  job promotion at the expense of his floundering comedy career. He finds himself at a crossroads: lose his day job or take the promotion and never perform standup again. With an incredible cast of Buckley, MyAnna Buring, Paul Kaye, Neil Stuke, and even Buckley’s real-life wife Clair Buckley, this film is one to watch out for. Plus, appearances by Jimmy Carr, Omid Djalili, Gilbert Gottfried, Mark Heap, the Actor Kevin Eldon, and even James Mullinger himself!

While you wait for the film’s release, enjoy these behind-the-scenes shots:


James Buckley


with Gilbert Gottfried


the Actor Kevin Eldon


MyAnna Buring


Vas Blackwood


Photos (c) The Comedian’s Guide to Survival


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