Teaser: Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle



b03ymj8d_640_36051oxsh26j3LStewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle is a show that wants to be a standup special and a sketch show at the same time, so you get this weird hybrid of snooty high brow standup and medium budget therapy sessions with livestock and couch potatoes getting covered in liquid excrement. It’s bizarre, but it does, as it claims, differ from anything else you’ve seen on television. The sketches are extremely short, a far cry from the Fist of Fun sketches that went on for ages, and star some old friends of Lee, like Simon Munnery and Kevin Eldon. The standup is the real quality content here, though. Episode one deals with Stewart Lee’s snobbish (though rightfully so) opinion on what makes quality books, basing his half-hour routine on the premise that anyone who has read every book published today is dumber than someone who has read no books at all. To support this point, we are given a tour through a Dan Brown novel and a celebrity hardback autobiography of Chris Moyles. “Maximum disrespect,” he tells Ashley “Asher D” Walters as he shows us his memoir, which is 75% giant photos of himself in different hats. We also get the expected dig at Jeremy Clarkson and his line of poisonous literature.

If every episode is as good as this, I’ll be watching all three seasons, which, by the way, are nearly unattainable to Americans (except season 3, which is on Hulu) unless you buy the DVDs, though there are certainly short clips on YouTube.

Teasers posts are reviews based on just the first episode.

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