Teaser: Wooden Overcoats


Wooden Overcoats is a new radio sitcom by David K. Barnes. Based on the first episode, I can tell this show has potential to go far. The production value is very high. Both the writing and the acting are spot-on, with everything else (from directing to foley) falling into place seamlessly. Keep an eye out for a full season review in Spring 2016.

Wooden Overcoats begins with one of many disastrous funerals. The reverend is an agnostic, hoping to do the service twice, once for those who Believe and once for those who Don’t. Meanwhile the funeral director Rudyard Funn has the monopoly on the business, which means no matter how rubbish the funeral–even if it ends with the death of the widow–he’ll get repeat customers. Everybody dies some day.

The minute Eric Chapman shows up and opens a funeral home across the road, everything changes. He really only has to be slightly better than Rudyard to get all of his clients because Rudyard’s business is so rubbish. He has this crazy idea that his sister never leaves the house, when in fact she frequents the local cinema, and his best friend is a rodent (who is narrating the story, by the way).

It’s a simple formula–take all the cliche marketing plotlines about two businesses in competition with each other (two pizza restaurants opening across from each other, for example) and apply them inappropriately to the funeral line of work: Two funerals for the price of one! Discount for early bird registrations! Free wreath to the first five customers! I don’t need to point out the absurdity in a line of business as unpredictable as death (but look, I have!). I think if you like Father Ted and certainly Death at a Funeral, you’ll quite enjoy Wooden Overcoats, too. You can start listening to season 1 (ooo, optimistic) here.

Teaser posts are reviews based on the first episode.

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