Teaser: Curious by Rebecca Front

51sWU83bgvL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_I’ve started on Rebecca Front’s book Curious: True Stories and Loose Connections on audio. The first story is about an American man, a stranger, who came to live with them once when Rebecca was young. He was a conman, a moocher. He used confidence and transparent excuses to get private access to the living room and stay for weeks, eating every few hours and sleeping much of the time. This story perfectly illustrates the sort of British politeness that skews into absurdity that you see so often in British comedies. Even Front’s character in Nighty Night, for example, suffers from over politeness when dealing with a psycho hairdresser who lets herself into her home and into her husband’s pants. She just can’t find it in herself to be rude to her, and while one might find it ridiculous Cathy didn’t kick the psycho out or that Rebecca’s parents didn’t kick the moocher out after the first couple nights, Front does explain it is because they are so English that they can’t do this.

It’s a funny story that gives a lot of insight into Front and her family. I hope the rest of the book is this good. The book is on sale from Powells or in audio from Audible. (If you buy from Powells following the link below, Anglonerd gets a small cut at no extra cost to you.)

Teaser posts are reviews based on just the first chapter.

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