Anglonerd Gift Guide 2015 (TV & movies)

Derek seasons 1-2

This is a great family gift, especially if you have a dad with a childish sense of humor and a mom with a deep soul. For the moment, it looks like the only box set available is in region 2/PAL. Read Anglonerd’s review.81LoZCrahYL._SY679_

ten pounds on

The Up Series

This is an amazing gift for your friends who like art films or documentaries. Read Anglonerd’s review.81WyJBUja8L._SX466_

$57 on Amazon

Revenge of the Mekons

A fascinating story even for those who don’t know the band. This one’s good for your rebellious, punk rock little brother. Read Anglonerd’s review.916vkf23a6L._SX466_

$19 on Amazon

Doctor Who season 8

For your nerdy relative, obviously. Great for kids and adults.91q1yQVBSIL._SY679_

$50 on Amazon

Orphan Black season 3

This is meant for fans of the show, but why not expose a friend to the show by getting them season 1 through 3? Read Anglonerd’s review.

$20 on Amazon

Miranda Finale

This is for your friend who has seen every episode of Miranda on Hulu but has not yet seen the finale (because it’s not on Hulu yet). Mind you, you can also just get them the boxed set of the whole show. Please note that the finale is region 2/PAL. Read Anglonerd’s review.81TJXoQ8u2L._SL1500_

seven pounds on

The Moaning of Life

Really, for anyone (with a region-free DVD player) who loves to laugh. Read Anglonerd’s review.51dgB4aMxgL

six pounds on

Not Going Out seasons 1-7

A terrific box set of a British sitcom with an American style, great for introducing anyone to the wonderful world of British comedy. Note that these DVDs are in region 2/PAL. Read Anglonerd’s review.81KxXcKwNmL._SL1500_

fifteen pounds on

In the Loop

A transatlantic comedy film, especially good for your uncle who’s into politics or your aunt who can’t tear herself away from Veep. Read Anglonerd’s review.81bWF6D7ePL._SY679_

$6 on Amazon

Friday Night Dinner season 3

Fantastic sitcom for anyone with a sense of humor, especially your Jewish friends or family. It doesn’t really matter what season you give them, they’re all the same. Note that these DVDs are in region 2/PAL. Read Anglonerd’s review91IoXOzkutL._SL1500_

twenty-four pounds on

The Thick of It seasons 1-4

A good companion to In the Loop for your Veep fan friends. Also, for anyone who wants to see the Doctor swear a lot. Read Anglonerd’s review.


$52 on Amazon

The Imitation Game

Something a little safer for your more mainstream friends. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch, so. Read Anglonerd’s review.916cguOM8bL._SY679_

$10 on Amazon


If you’re looking for a really terrific science fiction movie not everyone has seen (and by science fiction, I don’t mean action movie), this is a winner. Read Anglonerd’s review.91HKBA75jyL._SL1500_

$5 on Amazon

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

The perfect pick for your friends and family who are into fantasy. This series is so new, they probably haven’t seen it yet. And it’s quite good. Read Anglonerd’s review.91mfgFD3HOL._SL1500_

$20 on Amazon

Fist of Fun seasons 1-2

This is a weird one for hardcore comedy fans. It’s a 90s sketch show by cult comedy duo Lee & Herring. It comes with a ridiculous amount of special features, definitely gift worthy. Read Anglonerd’s review.563

twenty pounds on Go Faster Stripe

The Singing Detective

A terrific gift for a parent or grand parent. This old Dennis Potter show is of the very highest quality. Read Anglonerd’s review.91ujNICRhKL._SY679_

$30 on Amazon

Mr. Holmes

Another mainstream gift, good for a parent or grandparent, but also for fans of Sherlock. 

$11 on Amazon

Rev. seasons 1-3

A sitcom especially good for your church-going family and friends who can laugh at themselves. It’s an honest comedy, not one that over satirizes or makes fun of the church. Please note these DVDs are region 2/PAL.

thirteen pounds on

*Amazon prices are subject to jump up or down.


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