Teaser: So, Anyway… by John Cleese

22460748I’ve just dipped into the 2014 John Cleese (or shall we say Cheese?) memoir So, Anyway…. At 375 pages, this is going to be an all-inclusive book, starting with the history of his grandparents, to his first memory of getting bit by a rabbit (big sharp pointy teeth!), and quite a lot of his school days. Stylistically, what makes this book stand out against other celebrity hardbacks is his interest in psychology. Cleese can therefore tell his life story with a psychological explanation (or perhaps convenient justifications!) for his behavior and the behavior of others. He writes about the continuum of the introvert/extrovert spectrum, the nine different types of intelligence, and the connection between creativity and moving houses a lot as a kid. Usually I am bored reading about childhood in celebrity memoirs, but Cleese is, as we already know, a good writer and makes it enjoyable. He also tangents into the future with anecdotes about Kevin Kline or Terry Gilliam, screeching back to the flashback with the seamless transition “so, anyway…”

If you purchase So, Anyway… at the Powells link below, you are helping out Anglonerd.com with no extra cost to you.

So, Anyway…
by John Cleese



Teaser posts are reviews based on just the first chapter.

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