Teaser: Hyperdrive


Though comedy science fiction is one of my favorite genres (see The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or Red Dwarf), the first episode of Hyperdrive is less than ideal. We enter the world of the future through Nick Frost’s and Miranda Hart’s characters, officers on a British spaceship called Camden Lock, and meet our first aliens–blubbery things that like to lick people and rub their genitals on people’s heads. The show at this point seems like one big fart joke, with STD symptoms including exploding testicles (I wish it ends there, but it doesn’t).

I love the cast–Nick Frost, Miranda Hart, Kevin Eldon, Dan Antopolski, and Paterson Joseph–and the satire of a genre which is largely satirical itself is actually pretty successful, so I will hang on for at least the first season to see where the show takes us. You can’t always tell from the pilot episode, so I’m hoping the story reaches its potential.

Teaser posts are reviews based on just the first episode.

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