Teaser: Trigger Warning

I bought Neil Gaiman’s new book of short stories Trigger Warning on audio with my Audible subscription. I’ve always enjoyed listening to Neil Gaiman read his own work. I listened to The Graveyard Book read by the author, for example. But I realize now that buying an audio version of a short story collection is a mistake. Short stories are not like a novel. Short stories you have to listen to every word even if you’re still hung up on the last one. Short stories you fall behind, you never catch up because then the story is over. Short stories it is important to read at your own pace.

It is an enjoyable book, nonetheless. I have not finished it yet by any means, but the stories are twisty in the way that Gaiman’s adult fiction often is. The book begins with the origin of each story….Another reason to get the book in print, as I would have rather let the stories speak for themselves first and then gone back and listened to the author’s genesis.

That all said, I am trying out the Audible subscription plan for the first time and I do not regret it. I get cheap audiobooks in my library more often than I have time to read them, but they are waiting for me whenever I am ready.

If you purchase Trigger Warning from the Powells link below, you are helping out Anglonerd.com with no extra cost to you.


Teaser posts are reviews based on just the first chapter.

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