April 1: Romance & Adventure Radio Sitcom


Josie Long’s radio sitcom Romance and Adventure starts April 1st on the BBC iPlayer, which you in the States will be able to listen to without a geo-blocker. Hurrah!

You’ll read in my coverage of the pilot episode that it’s a radio drama about Josie getting sick of London–or London “pushing her out” like a piercing it doesn’t want anymore–and moving to Glasgow to start a new adventure. Based on the short films Let’s Go Swimming and Romance and Adventure by Josie Long and Douglas King, the sitcom stars Josie Long and Darren Osborne, among others. The first episode takes place a little before the pilot when she moves to Glasgow, discovers she doesn’t have a place to live, and makes a new friend Darren who, luckily for Josie, is looking for a new roommate. I love the tone of this show. It’s a good lesson for emotionally lazy people like me on how to take a good hard look at yourself, and it’s also a tone of hope. For all Josie Long’s many talents–be them political humor or being a 1930s NYC noir character–her success at mixing soul searching with comedic commentary is gobsmackingly good.

Anyway, April 1st on BBC Radio iPlayer. We’ll all be tuning in.


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