Teaser: A Book for Her

518B6x3klxL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I just started in on the audio version of Bridget Christie’s book A Book for Her. The introduction is fifty minutes long and is filled with material written specifically for the audiobook, including slagging off the reader for taking the cheap and lazy way out and…why not buy the hardback edition of the book, too, for your shelf? “What do you people do while reading a book? So lazy!” Or doing silly voices for the characters and commenting on the silly voices she’s chosen. So, I’d say: If you’ve already purchased the hardback version, why not get the audiobook, too?

The introduction revolves around a fart, with many digressions into other things that happened the day of said fart and reassurances that she is not “that” kind of comedian, despite having the first fifty minutes of the book being all about a fart and mentioning Hitler twice. The fart is actually a launch pad into a discussion of feminism, which is what the book is meant to be about, and also this fart was actually quite funny so is okay to be mentioned in this book despite not being “that” kind of comedian.

I really love this book so far and can’t wait to get into chapter one. Also, I’ve just watched Bridget Christie on RHLSTP, and Richard Herring asked her about all the things she mentions but doesn’t go in depth in in her book: knowing biker gangs, wanting to buy a cave, being fired from being a milkmaid…She really is fascinating to listen to.

Teaser posts are reviews based on just the first chapter.

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