Teaser: W1A


I just started on season 1 of W1A, the sequel to Twenty Twelve. Ian Fletcher, now done with the Olympics, has been thrown into some high-ranking B.S. job at the BBC. Although I’m missing the cast of Twenty Twelve and of having a SMALL cast, the characters of W1A are proving to be just as much caricatures of people in high ranking position who have fancy titles but no actual work to do as with the Olympics staff. People in this satire version of the Beeb have jobs like Head of Values and Director of Better.

The most amazing moment is the slow build up of Siobhan Sharpe’s return. Ian realizes  it’s coming one second before Siobhan appears, and the viewer knows it’s coming one second before Ian realizes it. After the first half without her, her reappearance is epic.

W1A so far seems as bright and colorful, and as fast-paced and ridiculous as Twenty Twelve, if not more-so. I am looking forward to finding out what happened between the two shows, especially if anything ever happened between Ian and Sally.

Although Twenty Twelve is on Hulu here in the States, I have yet to see W1A get picked up by any U.S. streaming service or region 1 DVD distributor. However, it is available in region 2/PAL.



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