Teaser: The Moaning of Life S2


I’ve just started in on the second season of Karl Pilkington’s The Moaning of Life. In this episode, Karl tackles the idea of art, specifically modern art. Most of the episode takes place in my home city of New York where Karl can’t seem to keep his shirt on. First he’s made to get painted while naked so that he can become part of a nude human lion. Then he’s dancing around Times Square in underpants. Then he’s getting himself covered in paint again. I tell you, this show doesn’t make New Yorkers look that good. Finally, it’s off to meet the Sprinkle Brigade whose art is dressing up dog poop. Weirdly, a friend sent us their book long before Pilkington’s DVD came out, so I had heard of them before. Aside from getting muck on his shoes, this seemed to be Karl’s favorite New York activity.

61UXDtOwNkLThen it’s off to L.A. where Karl tries to help a painter who literally pukes up her work. She drinks soy milk and food coloring and then forces herself to puke it onto the canvas. Karl says about a painting made of vomit: “If you want that, fly my cat over.”

We end on what Karl considers his favorite art form. Back in the UK, we visit a field where what Karl estimates is 50,000 birds shift together in flight. There’s so many wings flapping, it sounds like waves. The camera man argues that it’s not art because there’s no artist, but Karl says the birds are the artists, and that it’s the same kind of performance art as he demonstrated in Times Square.

Genuinely lots of laugh out loud moments in episode 1. Can’t wait to get on to the next one. Region-free Blu-Ray is available from Amazon.

Teaser posts are reviews based on just the first episode.

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