Teaser: Detectorists


After watching the first episode of The Detectorists, here are some initial thoughts I had:

  • LOVE that Johnny Flynn does the theme song
  • My initial reaction was, “Who directed this? It’s shot better than most TV shows and the pacing is better.” It’s a slower pacing, but in a good way. I get to the end credits and realize that, “Whoa, Mackenzie Crook not only stars in it but wrote and directed it!” I saw Crook perform in The Seagull in the West End in 2007. Great talent.
  • My second reaction was, “It’s not uninteresting, but I find it surprising that they’re going to be able to make 13 episodes out of this concept.”
  • Yeah, I can see how this won a BAFTA for best sitcom.
  • Will I watch more? Yes.
Teaser posts are reviews based on the first episode.

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