Stardust, film

stardust-le-mystere-de-l-etoile-stardust-24-10-2007-10-08-2007-2-gWhen small town boy Tristan Thorne crosses a poorly guarded country wall, he discovers that his biggest dreams didn’t come close to those of his parents, who knew of a magical world just beyond the town’s fringe. Searching for a fallen star, Tristan becomes ensnared in a wicked plot concocted by youth-seeking witches. Can he get his prisoner–the fallen star, played by Claire Danes–to the town before the witches take her, and…wait a minute…should our hero be kidnapping someone in the first place, even if it is to win the heart of the fairest lady in his country bumpkin land? Oh, what a dilemma!
Watch Tristan grow from a shallow, pig-headed, sheltered young man to a princely hero, full of morality and spirit. This epic adventure takes us on board a flying pirate ship, where we meet the cross-dressing captain, played by Robert De Niro. We meet the ghosts of squabbling princes (Mark Strong, Mark Heap, Rupert Everett, Jason Flemyng, David Wallliams, Julian Rhind-Tutt, and Adam Buxton…wow!) and witness hilarious voodoo (did you know there was such a thing?). Ricky Gervais grows the voice of a chicken and Mark Williams turns into a goat. Need I say more? Oh, but there’s heart-warming stuff, too. Kate Magowan plays Tristan’s long-lost mother, who’s been enslaved by a peddler witch. What a reunion! Meanwhile the three witches (Michelle Pfeiffer, Sarah Alexander, and Joanna Scanlan) are getting older and older. If they don’t cut out the star’s heart soon, they will wither into *gasp* old age.


Personally, Stardust (2007) is one of the few films I enjoyed more than the book, even if it is a bit Hollywood-cheesy. The book is by Neil Gaiman and is also good. You can buy it from Powells. I ran into Charlie Cox a few years ago at an awards ceremony in New York. If I recall, I think I told him that I enjoyed his work in this film, which I do.


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