Teaser: The Night Manager


I started watching The Night Manager on AMC’s free streaming service (just the first episode is free) mainly because of the cast. Although I never jumped on the swoon train for Tom Hiddleston, his performance in Coriolanus was good. Of course I’m a fan of Hugh Laurie. Whether you’re a follower of old school British comedies like Jeeves and Wooster or never-ending American dramas like House, everybody like Laurie (I happen to fall into both camps). But then you’ve also got the brilliant and malleable Olivia Colman as well as Tom Hollander from TV shows like Rev. or movies like In the Loop. An all-star British cast.

Jonathan Pine is a night manager of a hotel in Egypt. War is about to break out and Pine’s moral compass along with his military experience put him in the position of trying to rescue a damsel in distress. But she’s in distress from a hot shot gangster backed by an untouchable criminal from Pine’s own country. Despite the ever-present forces of colliding governments and merging war zones, will Pine be able to save her, along with his own neck?

The show is suspenseful and very rarely predictable. If you like big budget spy flicks like James Bond, you’ll probably like The Night Manager. I enjoyed the first episode well enough to want to see the second episode, but only if it also was streaming for free. I didn’t feel so compelled by it that I would purchase it, and I say that as an indication of how on the fence I am about the show, not because I am of a generation that doesn’t pay for anything off the internet. AMC is not streaming for free the second episode unless you have cable, so I’ll wait to see if it comes out on Netflix or Hulu.


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