10 Facts or Lies About Nick Frost

Nick Frost’s autobiography Truths, Half Truths, and Little White Lies was the most surprising biography I’ve read to date. It starts out giving character studies of his parents, like many biographies do, and I thought that perhaps I was going to be bored throughout this book. It quickly did an about-face and landed us in Tel Aviv where Frost was in a bombing and got up to all sorts of shenanigans involving 95% alcohol. If you’re a fan of Spaced and the Cornetto films, you’ll get all sorts of anecdotes involving Simon “Peggy” Pegg and Michael Smiley, as the three of them lived together through a good deal of this book. There’s ghost hunting and planning for the zombie apocalypse and breaking a bed that resulted in Frost’s thumb dangling off. Parts are dark and twisted while others full of adventure and joy. Shockingly good. Pick up a copy or get the audio version like I did.

Nick Frost Made the Pope Laugh

Pope John Paul II was shot when Frost was a child. Frost’s school made all the children write get well cards and mail them to the Vatican. Frost put a joke in his. Later, the Pope’s secretary wrote him a letter to say thank you and that the joke had made the pope laugh.

Nick’s Character in Paul is Left-Handed


If you watch the film Paul closely, you’ll see that Frost’s character is left-handed, even though the actor is right-handed. This is because Frost had broken his hand after punching a wall in anger.

He tried to kill himself to the soundtrack of Close Encounters

Frost’s mother was an alcoholic. The chair-making company she had with Frost’s father went under and they had nowhere nice to live. At age 17, Frost became depressed and tried to kill himself to the record of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Later, Frost got to work with Spielberg on The Adventures of Tintin and had the director autograph his first edition of Close Encounters. 

For a short time, he was a renowned food burgler

Frost was a volunteer in the army in Tel Aviv, Israel. Here, he had the worst job of his life, picking apples and collecting chickens. He started stealing food from the army and giving it to other people he knew in the factory. He considers his theft the third best thing he’s ever done. To find out what the other two things are, you’ll have to read the book.

He was a spy for a day

His friend Pat visited him in London from Israel. He was an anti-terrorist police officer and asked Nick to be his driver one night on a stakeout. After, Nick tried to buy some pills off a drug dealer, and three kids attached Nick while he was in the phone both trying to call the police. To find out what happened to Pat (a crazy story!), you’ll have to read the book.

Do not let Nick Frost fish-sit for you

When Nick was watching after Simon Pegg’s gorgeous pet fish, it died, so he put it in a milk carton for burial. Unfortunately, the beautiful tail didn’t fit, so he had to cut it off.

The World’s End is more than just the name of a film


Simon Pegg and Nick Frost star in the third Cornetto film, The World’s End. This is also the name of a real pub where Frost broke his three-year stint alcohol-free. He drank a bunch of Fosters, called Simon, got drunk with him, and went home to drink Michael Smiley’s alcohol because he wasn’t home.

Nick Frost had a haunted chair

Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, and Michael Smiley inherited all the possessions of a man who died in their new house. This included a lazy boy recliner. Everyone who ever fell asleep in it experienced sleep paralysis and the common “night mare” that comes with it. He and Simon also once saw a real ghost, but you’ll have to read the book to get the scoop.

Nick Frost lived in Steve Coogan’s house

When the ceiling at Frost, Pegg, and Smiley’s house came crashing in on their heads, Steve Coogan invited them to stay at his house near Archway, which he wasn’t using at the moment. They lived in this house part of the time that they were shooting Spaced.

He gifted his Spaced mustache to Edgar Wright


Nick Frost’s character in Spaced wears a big fury mustache. At the end of season two, Frost shaved the mustache off and gave it to Spaced director Edgar Wright in a matchbox as a present. Wright still has it, but it looks like a red marble now.
What were some of the craziest places Nick Frost woke up after being drunk? What about that time he was bombed in a field? How much trouble did he get up to at his waiter job? Buy a copy of Truths, Half Truths, and Little White Lies in print or on audio.

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