Top 10 “Jam” Sketches

Here are Anglonerd’s top 10 favorite sketches from Chris Morris’s pitch black comedy sketch show Jam. Do not watch if you are a child, squeamish, easily saddened or terrified.

10. When the neighbor hears about the miscarriage, as a present, he handcrafts a tiny wooden coffin for the fetus, which is accepted with all the shock and tears it deserves.

9. A man decides to plan his own funeral and have it before he dies so that he can participate in all the nice things people say about him.

8. The best way to ensure your kid gets into the highly competitive school is to sabotage all the other kids by getting them hooked on drugs and drunk in public.

7. A task is asked of a child’s godfather that is not expected…

6. One man discovers he’s gay after his friend kisses him in the pub. It’s an epiphany that gets heart-breakingly shattered as their two wives drag them apart, not believing them when they say that they were kissing.


5. After a fight and an accidental death, a man calls someone to help him dispose of the body before the police find out. The person who shows up to help is a little girl.

4. A house owner uses sex is currency when the prospective buyers don’t have enough cash, ensnaring them in a never-ending game between them and the (probably non-existent) other bidders.

3. A woman desperately wants friends, so she finds ways to sneak into people’s houses to become their friend. In one case, she dresses up as a police officer to tell a woman her son drowned, and then invites her to come see Cats with her.

2. This is not a laugh-out-loud show, but the one and only scene I laughed out loud at was Kevin Eldon having a break down after Mr. Lizard fails to extract the lizards pouring out of his television set.

1 . After the doctor tells a woman that there’s nothing he can do to fix her dead baby, she calls the plumber, based on the assumption that humans, like plumbing, are all just tubes anyway. Feeling bad for the woman and in need of the cash, the plumber promises he will at least try to fix her baby.


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