Imagine that you just moved from a rinky-dink village called Toaster to the big, bustling metropolis of London where the world is opening up to you, throwing offers of adventure at your feet. Just when you think London is more excitement than you could have ever hoped for, you discover that there is a second London. And a third London. And you are one of the few people who can spot the gaps between worlds and help maintain the balance of the multiverse.

Although the Guardian compares Ben Moor’s writing to Douglas Adams, you can actually compare his three-season comedy radio play Undone to Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. Both urban fantasies are about a unique individual with the ability to cross between versions of London, except Moor’s protag Edna Turner (Sarah Solemani/Alex Tregear) isn’t so much the whiny, resistant hero that Richard Mayhew is. She’s an ambitious young journalist at the listings magazine Get Out, and when a mysterious (though somewhat less cool than the Marquis de Carabas) man called Tankerton Slopes (Ben Moor) shows up to ask for her help in securing balance across different dimensions, she jumps at the chance. This isn’t the country anymore!

Though…her mother (Emma Kennedy), who we assume is a country bumpkin, seems to know more than she’s letting on. It seems Ms. Turner’s little, erm, indiscretions with the Prince (Kevin Eldon) of an alternate universe called Undone is exactly what has given Edna her powers of spotting gaps in the fabric of the universe. Will the surprises end there? You can bet they won’t!

Undone is a solid radio play all the way through. It’s filled with Ben Moor’s clever little ideas and plays on words. Edna Turner is a likable hero, appealing to those of us who’ve moved from small towns to the big city. Tankerton Slopes straddles the line of being mysterious and dorky. Edna’s clueless boss Carlo (Duncan Wisbey) reminds us all of people we’ve worked with. The Prince is exactly like you don’t expect the Prince to be. And I’m a big fan of Montserrat Lombard, and her shallow bff character is hilarious. Guest stars include comedians Dan Antopolski and Richard Herring.

You could not have a climax more climactic than the end of season 3. Ben Moor pulls out all the stops. Nevertheless, at the last second, he leaves the door open to future plotlines. I don’t know whether there will be more Undone episodes. Ben Moor is working on other radio projects now. It’s a very good series, worth a purchase on Audible.com.



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