The Cottage



The Cottage DVDThe Cottage has all of the ingredients that make up a classic horror film without any mucking around with unique plot devices or character depth. A thug who believes he’s the only competent person in the story. His scaredy cat brother, unwillingly thrust into criminal life. A martial artist stripper. Asian spies. A farmer with a tragic past who’s going around stealing faces.


As gruesome as the film gets–as it is basically just a slow maiming of all the characters until their inevitable demises–it’s also a comedy. I didn’t have high hopes for this schlocky horror-comedy, but in the end, it actually wasn’t a waste of $3 on Amazon streaming. I was surprised at how much I laughed throughout the film, mainly because the entire experience is just Reece Shearsmith screaming like a girl for a solid hour and a half. Andy Serkis is good, too. Andy Serkis is always good.

It’s ridiculous, but it accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do.



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