Maximum Nonsense, Tony Law



Maximum Nonsense is a recent Go Faster Stripe standup DVD by Canadian comedian Tony Law. You can buy the DVD–which comes with 10 minutes of extras and is region zero–or as a straight download for those of you who no longer have DVD players.

“Law is enjoying himself hugely–and the feeling is contagious.” –The Guardian

In Maximum Nonsense, Tony Law decides to try out what it would be like being different kinds of comedians. It’s kind of what Kevin Eldon dipped into in Kevin Eldon Is Titting Abouexcept multiplied by 100. What if the surreal meta-comedian Tony Law looked into the camera like Stewart Lee and Zach Galifianakis? Or if he was a shock comic?


Due to his feigned incomprehension of these comedy genres or his “true self” shining through, he is unable to deliver any of the performances correctly. He tries being a bully comic, but winds up telling people how nice they look. He tries to be a musical comic, but he chooses the steel pan as his instrument. He tries to be a literary comic, but he chooses Puff the Magic Dragon as his book. He tries to tell family stories, but he seems unstuck in time, as his dad anecdote takes place in Ancient Rome. He does accents from the Cotswalds and a London cabbie, bad impressions of Morgan Freeman and Matthew McConaughey, and recalls the time his uncle turned into a magical mystical dragon while in jail. Let’s face it, Tony. You’ll never do mainstream comedy.


(c) Anglonerd magazine

But I haven’t even gotten to the part about the elephants. Go Faster Stripe taglines this DVD as “it’s the one with the elephants,” and that is indeed how you’re going to remember this show. After trying to do a “two elephants walk into a bar,” routine that unravels before our eyes, Law is unsure how his show should end. This isn’t surprising, as we’ve seen in Go Mr. Tony Go that sometimes he doesn’t know how to begin. The conclusion is a bit like Fylm School with an elephant slideshow…and everyone is waving flags…

892Nonsense has reached its maximum! It is quintessential Tony Law. I’d say it’s just as good as Go Mr. Tony Go. Well worth a purchase here.


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