The Moaning of Life, season 2


The Moaning of Life is a comedy travel TV show presented by Karl Pilkington. It has run 2 seasons. It’s on DVD region 2/PAL.

Season 2 of The Moaning of Life has been Karl Pilkington’s best travel adventures yet. We witness the breathtaking murmuration of starlings in England, a group of people that communicate just by whistles in Mexico, and meet a man who’s into extreme ironing (doing his laundry on rock perches) in Utah. Of course, there’s also ridiculous shenanigans, and Karl can’t seem to keep his clothes on, as he has to nude model as a lion, perform street art in Times Square, and exercises in glacial weather conditions. He is essentially visiting people who have unique ways of living their lives, like polygamists, raw sewage workers, and Buddhist monks. But then there are also people like the man who finds, cooks, and eats roadkill.

Karl is still Karl. He comes in with an open mind to situations and is either annoyed or enjoys it. He spends his days dressing up dog poop with the Sprinkle Brigade or puking onto some art, but we always learn something new, whether it’s about body image or DNA. As usual, he doesn’t always succeed. He can’t hack it as a Vegas Elton, and he fails to jump out of the plane with the 91-year-old skydiver. The one beef I have with this show is in the editing: the intro section that previews the episode for viewers shows their lack of confidence in the show speaking for itself and worst of all ruins all the jokes up front.

11179863-9604336288008864Karl Pilkington recently said that he doesn’t want to do any more acting, travel, or book writing, so season 2 will probably be the last season of The Moaning of Life (though to be fair, he said he didn’t want to do any more traveling after season 1 of An Idiot Abroad and he still did two more seasons, plus two seasons of this show). Hopefully we’ll hear more from Pilkington in some capacity in the future.


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