Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning is a collection of short stories by Neil Gaiman. Most interesting about the breadth of this volume is the variety of narrators, many of whom are unreliable or not making clear their identity up front: the points of view of an imaginary friend, a genie in a bottle, a killer, or a living statue.…


So, You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson

What you’ll take away most from Jon Ronson’s investigative journalism book So, You’ve Been Publicly Shamed book is how terrifying the world of shaming is, especially at the hands of social media (that is, you). A lot of the time, the crime doesn’t fit the punishment. Many of the people Ronson interviewed for the book lost their jobs,…


Sketchbook Project Anglonerd Magazine

Hello! It looks like the hand-drawn edition of Anglonerd magazine is on tour this summer with the Sketchbook Project Mobile Library tour. You can check it out of the mobile library at any of these stops: July 23 Boulder, Colorado Firefly Handmade Market (29th Street Shopping District) 11am to 3pm July 19 through 31 Los…


More Trees to Climb

More Trees to Climb is Ben Moor’s collection of three short works of fiction that he has performed as spoken word. Coelacanth You’ve heard of office romances, but what if your office is a tree? The protagonist in Coelacanth, named after a deep sea fish who is unchanged over time, falls in love with a fellow tree climbing…


Then & Now: Cluub Zarathustra

What is Cluub Zarathustra? Read Robert Wringham’s very excellent book You Are Nothing. Simon Munnery In 1994, comedian Simon Munnery started a comedy group in Islington, London called Cluub Zarathustra, a collective bent more on experimentation and breaking the expectation of audience/performer interaction than on entertaining. Munnery’s compere character at the Cluub was The League Against…


The Perfect Fool by Stewart Lee

In September 2006 British comedian Stewart Lee visited the American Southwest to learn about the koshare, a sacred clown within Pueblo Native American cultures. This clown wears black and white striped paint, a loin cloth, and corn husks on his head. He upturns society for one day, pointing out the pompousness of rulers, throwing children into the…


8 Things That Did or Did Not Inspire Mr. John Cleese

John Cleese’s excellent memoir So, Anyway… discusses the Cleese family, Cleese’s time as a school teacher, getting started in writing for stage and eventually TV and film, his romance with Connie Booth, and the genesis and recent happenings of the Pythons. The book is especially concerned with the character of Cleese’s closest writing partner Graham Chapman, who,…


Daniel Mays Talks “Line of Duty”

Line of Duty comes to DVD today! In season 3, Daniel Mays joins the cast as Danny Waldron, a Sergeant and primary suspect in the investigation of corruption within the police force. Mays joins an already strong cast that includes Martin Compston, Vicky McClure, Craig Parkinson, and fellow Ashes to Ashes alums Adrian Dunbar and Keeley Hawes.…


A Geek’s Guide to Islington

I moved to Islington in 2007 primarily because I’m a geek. I had this idea that if I lived where Douglas Adams had lived, I’d find the same source of inspiration. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is dedicated to “the Arlingtonians for tea, sympathy, and a sofa.” This refers to Jonny Brock and Clare Gorst, who…


Teaser: The Perfect Fool

I just started reading comedian Stewart Lee’s 2001 novel The Perfect Fool, no doubt inspired by his time in the American Southwest investigating Native American clown culture. I knew he was a good writer because I’ve read his non-fiction books, as well as that terrifying piece he wrote for the New Statesman that ended up in Dead Funny, but…

From Rise Films

Plebs: SR2 on ITV2

Pictured: Stylax [Joel Fry], Marcus [Tom Rosenthal] and Grumio [Ryan Sampson].

A modern comedy in an ancient setting, Plebs charts the antics of three under achievers, all of whom are on a desperate quest to live the Ôwhen in RomeÕ mantra to the full in the empireÕs most exciting city.
Since series one, the world has indeed progressed (from 27BC to 26BC) but flatmates Marcus, Stylax and slave Grumio have made no strides whatsoever. Not domestically, not financially and certainly not romantically.

Photographer: Adriana Yankulova.

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Plebs: Q&A with Sam Leifer

Anglonerd magazine had the opportunity to ask Sam Leifer a few questions about Plebs, the sitcom he co-wrote and directs. With a degree in Classics, majoring in history and literature, Leifer spent ten years working on this sitcom about young men living in Ancient Rome. What was the initial idea that became Plebs? The script Tom Basden (my co-writer)…


Q&A with Ben Moor

Ben Moor is an television actor, radio actor and writer, stage performer, and has authored the books Each of Us and More Trees to Climb–transcripts of his live shows. And sometimes he does interpretive miming behind Robin Ince, but we didn’t ask him about that. The Guardian calls his sci-fi radio drama Undone “Excellent.” He is currently working with an Italian theatre…


Each of Us by Ben Moor

“It is a moving piece of satire on the arbitrariness of the everyday, rivaling the best of Douglas Adams” —The Guardian This was my big find of the year. Each of Us (and Other Things) is a small, inexpensive book by actor Ben Moor. While the two short stories Please Wait Here and Sartorial Mastermind and the poems are good (especially…


Hyperdrive: Where are they now?

  Today marks the tenth anniversary of the first episode of British sci-fi comedy Hyperdrive. A lot has happened in those ten years. Let’s have a look at what the stars of Hyperdrive have been up to this past decade and where they are today. Nick Frost Nick Frost played Commander Michael Henderson (presumably named after the show’s…


Real Life “Episodes”

In Showtime’s Episodes, British TV writing team (and married couple) Bev and Sean Lincoln (Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan) are flown to Hollywood to advise on the American remake of their hit TV series. Unfortunately, when they arrive, the show is retooled, turning a Richard Griffiths headmaster into a Matt LeBlanc hockey coach. Not only are…


10 Reasons You Need to Watch “Life on Mars” Right Now

wherein Anglonerd magazine attempts to convert Mars-virgins to binge-watch Life on Mars in celebration of the psychological, sci-fi cop drama’s tenth anniversary. 1. It’s available in the U.S. Unlike many great British shows, Life on Mars is readily available in both region 1/NTSC DVD and streaming (on Hulu). Just don’t mistake it for the corny American remake with Jason O’Mara…


Anglonerd Christmas Cards 2015

For the fourth year in a row, all my handmade Christmas cards are inspired by drawings of my favorite artist, Dave McKean. These are not for sale or even replicated, simply drawn and then mailed to family members. For last year’s showcase, go here. For the previous two years, go here.


Sancho: An Act of Remembrance

Dec. 17 last week, Paterson Joseph took the stage at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The theatre was packed. The actor (although playing himself, in lines well-rehearsed) introduced us to a man most people have never heard of: Charles Ignatius Sancho. Sancho is a funny, likable man. Well-educated, he fancies himself an actor, although he blames his lack…

photo by Callahandsome on Instagram

John Cleese: Not Dead Yet

On November 14, 2015, John Cleese took off John Hodgman’s shoe in front of a live audience of 900 people at NYU. Cleese had asked Hodgman, who had interviewed him on stage before–a real highlight of Hodgman’s life–to interview him for his “Not Dead Yet” appearance in New York City, but Hodgman had not been…